Building electronics of tomorrow
That sounds like the future

Our clients from various industries want to anticipate future developments.
Rommtech develops appropriate technical concepts.
After the design Rommtech can start production of a prototype or nulserie.


When designing printed circuit boards, knowledge and experience of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is necessary. Rommtech distinguishing itself strong in the field of print design. With our knowledge and experience we form boards that are technically perfect and taking environment into account.

In addition Rommtech expert in the field of flexible multilayer printed circuit board designs that have a high component utilization. We create designs using the fine pitch and BGA components.


A lot of experience has been gained in the field of Robotics. The hardware development of a robot is a complex process in the areas of power management, motion control, smart sensors, industrial communication and intelligence. The complete PCB design for the EX-R1 explosion-safe robot has been provided by our engineering department. Rommtech is your robotics specialist in the field of electronics.


Developing software for embedded microprocessor or hardware for example FPGA's is a job for specialists. Rommtech designs in addition to these special software PC software to support an electronic product.


We are accustomed to think in solutions. Thus we have helped many clients to find practical answers to specific problems. As a consultant our greatest challenge is to find the boundaries of possibilities.


Rommtech offers its customers support in the field of CE marking. This CE marking is mandatory for all electronic products sold within the European Union. We can provide all current measurements inhouse based on pre-compliance. After inspection you will receive a substantiated report of all measurements under the relevant CE standards.