When the development phase is completed, Rommtech can take the next steps in the process.
Building a prototype, a zero-production run and then start with the series production.
After this we can test the PCB's, provide them with a protective coating and make the final product assembly.


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Surface Mount Technology

SMT is the technology needed to Surface Mounted Device (SMT) components to place on a circuit board.

We use Mydata machines at the SMT department. These are sophisticated machines that allow us to produce variable order sizes. The machines have a very short changeover time allowing us to produce a single copy to a range of 50,000 pieces.

Through Hole Technology

In this section components are pre-edited. Then they placed in circuit boards. After that, the circuit boards are soldered with components in one of our state-of-the-art machines. These machines are suitable for both leaded and lead-free soldering.

Automated Inspection


The AOI machine checks all components on a PCB for correct soldering and placement. This ultramodern machine has a 3D function and uses a laser in combination with photos to determine whether a component is correctly placed and the soldering is ok.  

Functional Testing

All components are correctly placed and soldered. But does the circuit board work?
To check this, Rommtech has its own advanced testing machine. By using our functional test option, you can be assured of receiving a 100% functional product.


At your request, we can supply a special coating to the circuitboards. With this coating, the external influence on the circuit board is reduced to a minimum.

Wire and cable

A cable or wire attached to your PCB? This is no problem for us. After the assembly of your circuit board, we cut, strip and attach cables quickly and professionally to your product.

Box Build

Once the production phase is complete, we can install your PCB in the desired housing.
All the way from assembly to carton packaging. We can deliver your product Sales ready.