Improved quality with AOI and SPI

A new inspection machine that checks the PCBs after the SMD process was on the wish list for some time now. The old machine only checked optically and in black and white. With components becoming smaller and smaller, the resolution was no longer sufficient. Time for improvement and not only at the end of the production, but also during the process to detect early deviations.


New in the Rommtech production line is the installation of an SPI, this stands for: Solder Paste Inspection. After solder paste has been applied to the circuit boards, this machine checks whether there is sufficient paste everywhere, if the thickness is correct and checks for any air bubbles in it. The majority of all errors that can occur in a SMD process are due to an incorrect paste distribution. With this machine we remove potential errors in an early production stage. This prevents waste of components, energy and manpower.


AOI stands for: Automated Optical Inspection. With the new 3D AOI from VI technologies, not only color photos are taken of the PCB, but a laser mask also creates a 3D scan of all components and soldering. Like this it is possible to check very acurate if all components are soldered properly in the right place and if the polarity is correct. By cooperating with the SPI, extra points of attention can be passed on to continuously improve and optimise the production series.