Rommtech makes a new steering wheel for the NunaX

In 2015 Rommtech designed the steering wheel for the Nuna 8. There was a need for a simpler and more reliable design with all functionality in it. The design proved to be solid and held well during the 3000-kilometre race across Australia. The Nuna 8 won!


Successful again

Two years later the same steering wheel was used again by the student team from Delft. And once more they finished first after a breath-taking race in the World Solar Challenge. An extraordinary achievement!

The Nuna 9 with the Rommtech steering wheel - Photo taken by Hans-Peter van Velthoven


World Solar Challenge 2019

The World Solar Challenge 2019 is now in sight and it is time for a steering wheel update. Rommtech and the Vattenfall Solar Team are working together again on a renewed design and the assembly of several related circuit boards for the NunaX.

The PCB design is being prepared for production


The process

First, the pcb design was revised and all adjustments were made. After this, the PCBs and the necessary components were ordered. After the machines were programmed, the tin paste applied and the components placed the PCB made a short journey through a 260 degrees oven. Like this the components are soldered in place. After a 100% inspection with the 3D AOI machine, the new steering wheel is ready.

The result


And now on to the 2019 victory The World Solar Challenge starts on October 13th. We wish the Vattenfall Solar Team good luck!